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Salt Lake City Intent to Distribute Defense Attorney

Attorneys for Serious Drug Crimes Charges

In many areas of the country, lawmakers and courts have begun to shift the focus away from punitive measures for individual drug possession and use. Some states have gone as far as decriminalizing minor possession of certain drugs, while others have famously legalized recreational marijuana use. In Utah, the debate over effective drug policies remains ongoing, but some things have remained quite clear. Those who manufacture, distribute, deliver, and sell drugs will continue to face severe penalties and long-term criminal consequences. At Collins Rupp, P.C., we appreciate the gravity of such charges, and if you have been arrested for drug crimes, you can rely on us to help protect your rights.

Legal Counsel for Drug Manufacturing Charges

Very few people give much thought to how illegal drugs are produced before being sold. While some, such as marijuana, are processed from their naturally-occurring form, others are synthesized or chemically derived from other substances. According to the law in Utah, charges may be brought against an individual for manufacture of a controlled substance if he or she is suspected of producing, preparing, growing, compounding, converting, extracting, synthesizing, packaging, or repackaging of the substance. Prosecution and penalties will vary dependent upon the amount and the type of drug involved.

Intent to Distribute Charges

The actual selling or sharing of controlled substances is statutorily known as "distributing," and it refers to the transfer or attempted transfer of a controlled substance to another, with or without payment in return. Although a sale is not necessary to constitute an illegal act, a completed sale is usually grounds to transform "intent to distribute" to charges of "distribution of a controlled substance." Intent to distribute charges, although more difficult to prove, are generally substantiated by the amount of drugs discovered and the manner in which they may have been prepared or stored. Both distribution and intent to distribute can be prosecuted as up to a first-degree felony, carrying a possible sentence of up to life in prison.

Hardworking Drug Crimes Lawyers in Utah

Whether you are facing charges for manufacture of controlled substances, distribution, or intent to distribute, the attorneys at Collins Rupp, P.C. can help. Attorneys Logan Collins and Joseph Rupp are experienced legal professionals who are committed to serving our clients' best interests. Our team also possesses a deep understanding of the justice system and the intricacies of Utah criminal law. That knowledge, combined with our unending dedication to our clients, can provide the stability and strength you need during a difficult time.

We are prepared to fully investigate the details of your case and the circumstances of your arrest. In addition to reviewing evidence, we will examine affidavits and search warrants to ensure due process was followed at all times and that your Fourth Amendment rights have not been compromised. Even if the case against you feels hopeless, we will not give up. We will continue to explore avenues for relief, including treatment courses, diversionary programs, and other creative solutions. A conviction on manufacture or distribution charges can be devastating to your future, and we are committed to helping you navigate the legal process.

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