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Bountiful Criminal Defense Firm, Collins Rupp, P.C., Relaunches Scholarship Opportunity for Students Overcoming Convictions

Collins Rupp Moving Forward Scholarship

Collins Rupp, P.C. is pleased to announce that it will be relaunching its Moving Forward Scholarship for the Fall of 2023. Designed to help students overcome criminal convictions and begin a better life, the Moving Forward Scholarship is an important expression of the firm’s values and desire to build a better future.

While many scholarship programs will quickly reject applicants with a criminal history, Collins Rupp, P.C. chooses to make scholarships available specifically for students with these hurdles in their pasts. As criminal defense attorneys, the firm’s staff has seen firsthand the impact that criminal convictions can have on the lives of many different individuals.

The firm’s attorneys believe that people deserve a second chance, particularly when they are pursuing educational opportunities and taking important steps to build a life that will not lead back to criminal activity. The firm recognizes the effort students with convictions put into overcoming their pasts and moving on to a better future.

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