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Salt Lake City Multiple DUI Charges Lawyer

Salt Lake City Multiple DUI Charges Attorney

Defense Lawyers for Second, Third, or Fourth DUI Offenses in Salt Lake City

In Utah, DUI charges are usually prosecuted as misdemeanor offenses for first-time offenders. While any DUI charge is serious and can result in license suspensions, costly fines, and even jail time, most people can recover from a first offense with good representation and move on with their lives. However, a repeat DUI charge can result in more severe penalties that can negatively affect your life for many years.

Second, third, or subsequent DUI offenses can quickly become very serious. If you have recently been arrested and charged with repeat DUI, it is important that you seek legal help from a qualified DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. At Collins Rupp, P.C., our experienced attorneys are fully aware of the harsh penalties that could come with a repeat DUI conviction, and we will work hard to help you protect yourself every step of the way.

Repeat DUI Offenses Lead to Elevated Charges and Penalties

Under Utah law, a first DUI offense is generally charged as a Class B misdemeanor, and penalties for a conviction could include jail time, community service, fines, probation, required alcohol treatment or sobriety programs, and the loss of your driving privileges. A second DUI conviction within 10 years will usually be charged as a Class A misdemeanor, and Utah law mandates at least five days in jail, along with increased fines and mandatory supervised probation. These penalties are obviously more severe than those for a first offense, but things get even more serious for third or subsequent DUI offenses.

Starting with your third DUI charge in 10 years, the case will be prosecuted as at least a third-degree felony, with increased charges possible for aggravated circumstances. A conviction for your third or subsequent DUI in 10 years will result in at least 60 days in jail, with up to five years' imprisonment possible. You will also be required to undergo assessment and treatment as appropriate for substance abuse concerns. Probation is likely, and you could lose your driver's license for up to two additional years. Fines for a third or subsequent DUI can range up to $10,000.

Protecting Your Rights

At Collins Rupp, P.C., we understand the feelings of despair and hopelessness that are often associated with a second or subsequent DUI charge. You may feel like your life is ruined, but our skilled attorneys may be able to find a reasonable solution. We will conduct a full investigation into your arrest, any chemical tests, and other protocols to ensure that your rights were not compromised along the way. Our team will explore every option, including negotiating with prosecutors to protect your future. No law firm can guarantee favorable results, but we pledge to work hard on your behalf and to live up to the trust you place in us.

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Whether your repeat DUI is your second, third, or subsequent offense, you should contact an experienced Salt Lake City repeat DUI attorney. With such a range in potential penalties, putting your future in the hands of anyone but a qualified attorney is a mistake. With our experience and track record of success, the legal team at Collins Rupp, P.C. is fully equipped to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call 385-777-2753 to schedule an appointment.

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