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At Collins Rupp, P.C., we assist clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges, including driving under the influence, drug charges, and violent crimes. Offenses such as these are very serious, and they can lead to severe penalties upon conviction, as you probably realize. There is another category of criminal offenses, however, that is often overlooked due to the understated nature of the illegal activity. White-collar crimes, including identity-related and financial offenses, can also result in harsh consequences and a lifetime of restitution payments.

Understanding White Collar Crime in Utah

"White-collar crime" is a colloquial term that is generally used to describe non-violent offenses involving unauthorized access or theft of assets or confidential information for personal gain. Such crimes are often the subject of lengthy investigations by state and federal authorities, as they look to establish a "paper trail" of evidence. In many cases, a significant amount of evidence has already been obtained by law enforcement or regulatory agencies before an arrest is even made. If you suspect that you are the subject of a pending investigation, it is vital to seek legal help immediately.

Davis County Lawyers Committed to Your Best Interests

Attorneys Logan Collins and Joseph Rupp are seasoned legal professionals with many years of combined experience. With their background and knowledge of the law, they understand the complexities of defending against white-collar crime allegations. Our lawyers have the necessary tools to assist you if you are facing charges related to:

  • Fraud: Gaining control over someone else's property by deceptive means, including forgery or internet schemes.
  • Misconduct in an official capacity: Using one's position or authority for illicit personal gain, including embezzlement or deceptive business practices.
  • Insurance fraud: Making exaggerated or false claims to receive insurance payments. Insurance fraud also includes intentional destructive acts, such as arson of commercial property.
  • Money laundering: Concealing revenue created by illegal activities, including drug and weapons trafficking.
  • Identity theft: Using the personal identifying information of another person to make illegal purchases or to secure credit.

The severity of the charges against you generally depends on the value of what you are alleged to have taken as well as the nature of the alleged crime. If you are convicted of a white-collar crime, the criminal consequences may include hefty fines and possible prison time. You may also be ordered to pay restitution to the person or entity damaged by your actions. Depending on the circumstances, your restitution payments could continue for the rest of your life.

At Collins Rupp, P.C., we realize that the mere allegation of a white-collar crime could severely damage your personal and professional reputation, even if the accusation is not true. If your case is not handled properly, you could find it difficult to work within your chosen profession ever again. We are committed to helping you protect your rights and to finding a favorable resolution. Whether this means negotiating with prosecutors to reduce or eliminate charges or taking your matter into the courtroom, we are ready to fight for you.

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