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Meet Attorney Logan Collins

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Previous Employment

Before beginning his formal education, Logan spent eight years working in the auto industry. At the age of 18, he began as a salesman and was able to distinguish himself among over 40 competitive peers multiple times by earning salesman of the month.

Logan is proud to have negotiated thousands of deals and was promoted very quickly to a position that had him overseeing numerous salesmen and helping them close the deals. He then struck out on his own and opened an auto auction. While he found great success in this field, he felt that his skills could be put to better use negotiating with opposing counsel and prosecutors in the courtroom.


  • Logan attended the University of Utah and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy, with a minor in Applied Ethics.
  • He then went on to the University of Utah, S. J. Quinney College of Law and earned his Juris Doctor, graduating with honors.
  • During his time there, he earned the William H. Leary Scholar award several times.

During his years studying philosophy, Logan focused his studies on argumentation theory – the philosophy behind debate and negotiation. It was there that he learned how certain conclusions can be found through logical reasoning, and he also developed a keen eye for finding logical fallacies, inductive and deductive arguments, and faulty premises.

For over a decade, Logan has been married to his wife Kajsa D. Collins, with whom he has three wonderful children.

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