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Theft is a very broad descriptor that covers a wide variety of crimes in which property, goods, or services were unlawfully removed from the rightful owner's possession, and is actually considered to be one of the most common crimes committed in the state of Utah. These crimes can sometimes be defended by explaining the circumstances surrounding the property: perhaps you had permission to take the property, or you never took the property to begin with. These defenses revolve around intent. The prosecution will seek to prove you intentionally stole the property.

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Many people believe that if a store catches you carrying an item in a "suspicious" manner, they can arrest you for shoplifting. In the state of Utah, shoplifting is defined as taking an item without paying for it of deliberately paying less than retail price. If a store employee simply assumed you were stealing and stopped you before you left the store, it's almost impossible for them to charge you with a crime.

Even a minor shoplifting crime can affect your ability to get a job in the future. Criminal accusations can imply you're not trustworthy. Our theft crime lawyers in Salt Lake City work to mitigate this risk by protecting your reputation with skilled, intelligent defense.

What is Fraud?

"Fraud" implies that an individual purposefully performed a deception. That deception removed property or rights from another individual. Many theft by fraud crimes are considered white collar, as they do not involve violence. However, this doesn't mean the consequences are less severe.

Different Types of Fraud Charges in Salt Lake City

Types of fraud crimes we represent include:

  • Bank fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Healthcare fraud


The most common types of theft crimes we see range from identity theft and fraud all the way to shoplifting and robbery. Although these crimes all involve a type of theft, the penalties for these crimes vary based on the value of the property stolen, which type of theft crime is committed and your previous criminal history. Regardless of the crime, you could be facing lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines if convicted.

Reach out to our team of Salt Lake City theft crime attorneys at Collins Rupp, P.C. at 385-777-2753 today! We are committed to providing our clients with everything they need to protect their futures.
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