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At Collins Rupp, P.C., we know that when you are facing criminal charges, you need a legal team that is willing to fight for your best interests and protect your future. Our dedicated drug crime attorneys work tirelessly to ensure your rights are never infringed upon. No matter how simple or complex your situation may be, we have the skill and experience necessary to provide the strong defense you need.

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Facing Drug Crime Charges in Utah?

Though drug crime charges can sound similar, the differences can generally be found in the amount and type of the drug in question. For example, "possession with intent to distribute" implies that the accused allegedly had a more substantial amount of the drug in his or her possession, suggesting that the drug was intended to be sold. Your charges will increase in severity if you had a large amount of a controlled substance near a school.

Our team represents drug crimes of all kinds, including:

  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Manufacturing or cultivating
  • Trafficking
  • Selling to a minor
  • General possession
  • Dealing

Every state has its own laws regarding alcohol and drug use, particularly when it comes to marijuana and public intoxication. Our team is well-versed in the Utah laws governing intoxication and drug crimes. We have served our community for many years with intelligent advice and direction regarding alcohol crimes. We can help you move through and past your charges.

Misdemeanor Vs. Felony Drug Crimes

Utah classifies general intoxication charges as misdemeanors; however, a driving-related drug or alcohol crime can shift the offense to a felony. Similarly, a drug crime involving a high volume of a controlled substance will also be reviewed as a felony case. In these situations, consult with our team to make sure you are adequately defended.

We know that these are tying times, but we're here to help

  • We can provide full consultations over the phone and/or by video chat with attorneys.
  • We can handle all internal paperwork and payments electronically.
  • We are experts at resolving cases remotely and electronically. Where appropriate and authorized by the court, we can waive client appearances in court for routine hearings, conduct matters by phone with the prosecutor and judge, facilitate Pleas by Affidavit, and reduce requirements to attend in-person court events.
  • We conduct telephonic administrative hearings and conference in clients.
  • In unfortunate cases where incarceration is ordered, we are adept at working with the court and state attorneys to structure sentencing requirements around the health and welfare concerns of our clients.
A felony conviction can deprive you of many freedoms and rights. Don't wait to begin your defense - call our drug defense attorneys now at 385-777-2753.
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