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Legal Steps If You Are Accused of Committing a Sex Crime

 Posted on June 10, 2024 in Sex crimes

UT defense lawyerAccusations of sex crimes are taken extremely seriously in the state of Utah. The penalties you might face could make all the difference between living your life or suffering through it. Depending on the specifics of what you are accused of, there are several possibilities for how you might be convicted. Whether this is the first time you are accused or it has happened before, accusations of sexual crimes can have an enormous negative impact on your future and need to be dealt with appropriately. This article recommends three steps to take as soon as you are accused of committing sex crimes. If you are concerned you might be facing such accusations, speak with a trusted Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense lawyer who can explain your options and defend your rights.

Step 1: Have Zero Contact With Your Accuser

When an innocent person is told that someone has accused them of committing a sexual crime, they might think the best course of action would be to speak to the accuser to get to the bottom of it all. You need to avoid doing this at all costs. If you try to speak to your accuser, it might be interpreted by other people as an attempt to intimidate them, which could harm you in court. Additionally, the accusations might mean that you are legally banned from trying to communicate with them, and failure to comply with such prohibitions could end up making matters worse for you. Even if your accuser tries to contact you, even to apologize for falsely accusing you, make sure you have no contact with them at all.

Step 2: Use Your Right to Remain Silent

Even if you are sure you have done nothing wrong, make sure to keep your mouth shut. Do not answer any questions the police ask you unless you have a lawyer present. You might think that if you cooperate with the police, the outcome will be better for you. They might even manipulate you into thinking that. The truth is that their interests are not the same as yours, and unless you have a lawyer present, you cannot assume your rights are being protected.

Step 3: Hire a Qualified Lawyer

One of the most important things you can do after being accused of sex crimes is to hire a reliable attorney whose main objective is to protect your rights and best interests. Someone who is well-versed in the complicated criminal justice system can offer you priceless guidance as you try to navigate it.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Davis County, UT Defense Lawyer

If you are accused of committing sex crimes, make sure to hire an experienced Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense attorney. These accusations have the potential to significantly hurt you and impact your future. At Collins Rupp, P.C., we are passionate about treating everyone innocent until they are proven guilty and we will fight aggressively to prevent that from happening. Call us at 385-777-2753 to schedule a free consultation.

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