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Does Being Arrested for a Sex Crime Guarantee Prison Time?

 Posted on September 07, 2023 in Sex crimes

Blog ImageNo one wishes to be arrested for allegedly committing a crime. However, it happens all the time. When it comes to serious offenses such as sex crimes, one may wonder whether being arrested ensures they will be ordered to serve an extended prison time. Being arrested for a sex crime does not guarantee the accused will go to prison. Those charged with sex crimes must seriously consider obtaining legal representation from a criminal defense attorney to fight the charges and seek a favorable case outcome. 

Essential Factors Which Can Influence Whether Someone Is Sentenced to Prison

  1. Nature of the crime – Of course, the specific details of the alleged sex crime will likely play a significant role in determining the potential sentence brought by a guilty verdict. Factors such as the type of sex offense, age of those involved, whether force was used, and the presence of any other aggravating factors can significantly impact the severity of the punishment. Utah law clearly defines a long list of potential sex offenses someone can be charged within the state. While all offenses are serious, some offenses carry a more severe prison sentence if the accused is convicted.
  2. Criminal background – A person’s criminal history, especially prior convictions for sex offenses, can significantly influence the sentencing decision. Repeat offenders or those with a history of similar crimes are more likely to face harsher penalties, including prison time.
  3. Quality and quantity of evidence – The amount of evidence against someone and the quality of the evidence can play a significant role in determining whether someone is sent to prison. If the prosecution’s evidence is weak or inconsistent, it may result in reduced charges or the possibility of avoiding a lengthy prison sentence. 
  4. Legal strategies chosen – The effectiveness of a defense strategy can also impact the outcome. Skilled defense attorneys may be able to challenge the evidence, question the credibility of witnesses, or present alternative narratives that can lead to reduced charges or an acquittal. 

Contact a Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Attorney

While being arrested for a sex crime is a very serious matter, simply being arrested and charged does not mean you are guaranteed to go to jail. Many factors are at play in these situations, making it crucial you contact experienced legal guidance to assist you in defending against such charges. If you are facing charges, contact the Davis County sex crimes lawyers with Collins Rupp, P.C.. Call 385-777-2753 for a free consultation.

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