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Understanding Metabolite DUIs in Utah

 Posted on June 14, 2023 in DUI

Salt Lake City DUI LawyerA metabolite DUI is a category of DUI offenses relating to the presence of drugs or their metabolites in a driver’s bloodstream. Utah is one of the few states that consider driving with any amount of drugs or metabolites in their body as unlawful. Therefore, a metabolite DUI charge is possible in Utah even when a driver has not engaged in driving while impaired. In other words, you can be charged with metabolite DUI even if you are completely sober.

Due to the possibility of unusual circumstances surrounding a metabolite DUI, those charged may have many questions. To protect yourself legally against the charge, contact a criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later to understand fully what you are up against.

Unpacking Metabolite DUIs

Under Utah law, a controlled substance is any drug or chemical listed in the state’s schedules of controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin, as well as prescription medications like opioids and benzos. When a person ingests a controlled substance, their body breaks it down into various metabolites. These metabolites can linger in the person’s bloodstream for a period after the drug’s effects have worn off. Sometimes, a person may test positive for metabolites of a controlled substance even if they have not recently used it.

Penalties for metabolite DUI in Utah can be severe. A first offense is usually charged as a class B misdemeanor, resulting in up to six months in jail and fines up to $1,000. Additionally, a conviction may result in your driving privileges being suspended.

Subsequent metabolite DUI offenses can result in harsher penalties, like longer jail sentences, higher fines, and a longer license suspension. In addition, a person may be required to undergo substance abuse treatment related to their offense. In cases where someone has committed a third metabolite DUI offense, that person may be facing felony charges.

Contact a Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

It is important to know that criminal law is taken very seriously in Utah. If you have been charged with metabolite DUI, you must consider hiring an aggressive attorney to defend your interests vigorously. Keep in mind that arguing that you were not intoxicated at the time when you were charged with DUI does not matter in cases of metabolite DUI in Utah. If law enforcement locates controlled substances in your body, you may be tried for metabolite DUI. For aggressive legal representation you can rely on, contact the Davis County DUI lawyers with Collins Rupp, P.C.. Call 385-777-2753 for a free consultation.


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