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Understanding Sex Crimes in Utah

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Salt Lake City sex crimes defense lawyer Sex crimes are often perceived as being amongst the most despicable offenses that a person can engage in. They fall into a category where, even if you are acquitted, being associated with such acts can permanently ruin your reputation. Moreover, the potentially graphic and disturbing nature of sex crimes makes it likely that cases involving such acts will likely be highly publicized, putting even more pressure on the state to secure a conviction against you. 

Because of public outcry about sex crimes, and the current social movement towards paying more attention sex crimes and prosecuting them more aggressively, the state's aggressiveness to secure a conviction against you can sometimes infringe on your constitutional rights. That being the case, if you have been accused of or charged with a sex crime, you must get legal counsel as soon as possible. Time is of the essence, and the sooner you meet with an attorney, the sooner your defense can begin getting prepared. 

Types of Sex Crimes in Utah

In Utah, there is a wide range of sex crimes with which someone can be charged. In addition to whatever sentence a convicted person is given, he or she will likely be required to register as a sex offender for life. Sex crimes in Utah include:

  1. Rape –

    Under Utah law, the act of rape refers to nonconsensual sexual intercourse with another person. This may include date rape, alcohol-related rape, and statutory rape, which is sex with a minor. 

  2. Object rape –

    This act refers to nonconsensual anal or genital penetration with a device, substance, or item other than the mouth or genitals. 

  3. Forcible sodomy –

    This is the nonconsensual sexual act involving interaction between the attackers' genitals and another person's mouth or anus. 

  4. Aggravated sexual assault –

    This act involves increased force during a rape, object rape, or forcible sexual abuse. 

  5. Sexual battery –

    This act is the intentional and nonconsensual touching of another individual in a sexual manner that fails to rise to a more severe offense level. 

What Are the Penalties for Sex Crimes in Utah? 

Like many other states, Utah takes sex crimes extremely seriously. Since most sex crimes in Utah are treated as felony-level offenses, the criminal penalties often include lengthy prison sentences, probation, and the likely chance you will need to register as a sex offender. Notably, sex crimes involving minors are even more severe than cases involving adults. 

Contact a Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Something that is especially tricky when it comes to sex crime cases is the highly negative public perception such cases receive. The prosecutors, police, and community may immediately consider you guilty. To best protect your rights, you must seek the counsel of a skilled Davis County sex crimes attorney. At Collins Rupp, P.C., we know your rights and will do everything in our power to ensure your rights stay protected at all times. Call today at 385-777-2753 to schedule a free and comprehensive consultation.


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