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Can Someone Go to Jail Over False Accusations of Rape? 

 Posted on October 06, 2022 in Sex crimes

salt lake city criminal defense lawyerAlthough many cases of rape accusations never move past the investigation phase for lack of evidence, there are innocent men in jail today because of alleged rapes they did not commit. If you have been falsely accused of or charged with rape or sexual assault, it is important to take this seriously and to immediately hire a criminal defense attorney with experience in Utah sex crimes charges. The sooner you can take charge of the situation, the better the outcome is likely to be.

What Should I Do if Someone is Falsely Accusing Me of Rape? 

Despite studies suggesting that false accusations of rape are rare, the truth is that accusations are easy to make and can quickly have a devastating impact on the accused’s life. Utah’s conservative religious environment sometimes results in young women who feel guilty about voluntary sexual behavior trying to excuse it or cover up their culpability by accusing a young man of rape or sexual assault.

If you have been accused of any kind of sexual assault, it is important to take action right away and to understand that even though evidence may be slim or nonexistent, you may still face serious consequences for the actions of which you are accused. If you find out that you are being investigated for sexual assault, hire an attorney right away who will conduct an independent investigation and present the police or prosecutor with evidence that the allegations are false.

In the meantime, there are some things you should do: 

  • Do not delete texts, emails, videos, or anything else between you and the alleged victim, or that could prove what did or did not happen

  • Do not contact the person accusing you of sexual assault, even if you think you can reason with them

  • Find out as much as you can about the allegations against you

  • Find out whether there are witnesses who can testify in your favor

  • Find out whether the alleged victim has ever accused anyone else of sexual assault

  • Retain any records of public allegations, such as online lists or social media feeds containing allegations involving your name

  • Write down anything you can remember about the event, including what happened before and after

  • Do not post anything on social media until the investigation is resolved, including videos or pictures of you partying with your friends 

Contact a Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Right Away

Even if you are sure you are innocent, an accusation of rape or sexual assault can derail your life. If you are being accused, investigated, or charged with a sex crime, schedule a free consultation with an aggressive Davis County sex crimes defense attorney with Collins Rupp, P.C. as soon as possible. We will examine your options, help you defend against the charges, and work to exonerate your name and good reputation. Call 385-777-2753 now.


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