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Could I Lose My Driver's License for a Drug Crime?

 Posted on August 10, 2022 in Drug crimes

Salt Lake City Drug Crime Defense LawyerThere are a number of reasons that Utah drivers could have their licenses suspended. Drunk driving charges will do it. Too many traffic tickets could also eventually lead to a suspension. Usually, the reasons for a license suspension have something to do with, well, driving. However, in Utah, a drug-related conviction could cause you to lose your driver’s license for up to six months even if you were nowhere near your car, let alone driving. There are steps an attorney can take that could help you avoid having your license suspended if you have been accused of a drug crime. If keeping your license is a high priority for you, then our lawyers can factor this into our defense strategy.

Utah Suspends Drivers Licenses After Most Drug Convictions

Generally, a six-month license suspension is almost automatic after a conviction for certain drug crimes, including drug possession or possession of paraphernalia. This happens even if the drug crime had nothing to do with driving. There is a general presumption that people who are willing to break the law to use an intoxicating substance very likely have a substance abuse problem - and may be likely to drive while intoxicated.

This reasoning is not altogether unreasonable–people who are struggling with addiction often use their substance of choice around the clock. If you have a substance abuse problem, it is important that you are honest about it with your attorney. An arrest is a very common wake-up call, and getting you into treatment may be very helpful in more ways than one.

Could I Qualify for a Hardship License?

If your license does get suspended due to a drug charge, you may qualify for a hardship, or restricted, license. This special type of license allows you to drive only to work or school, or sometimes for other specifically-approved purposes like getting to medical appointments. A limited license is better than no license, but it is best to avoid getting here if you can.

How Could I Avoid a Suspension?

Under limited circumstances, an attorney may be able to help you avoid having your license suspended despite a drug conviction. If you were not in a car when you were caught with drugs, and you enter a substance abuse treatment program, then you may be allowed to keep your license. Our attorneys can help you find a qualified program if this strategy seems like the best way to prevent a license suspension.

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