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What Are Examples of Aggravating Factors in Utah Sex Crimes?

 Posted on July 26, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Salt Lake City Sexual Assault Defense LawyerSex crimes are taken very seriously in Utah, and when certain aggravating factors are present, they can enhance the severity of the offense and increase the potential penalties faced by the defendant. Familiarizing oneself with these aggravating factors can provide a clearer understanding of the legal implications associated with sex crimes in Utah. If you have been charged with a sex crime, hire a criminal defense attorney to ensure you have the legal representation you need during this perilous time.

Non Consensual Conduct

Engaging in sexual activity without the consent of the individual is a fundamental aggravating factor in many sex crime cases. Lack of consent highlights a violation of the individual’s autonomy and personal boundaries, which will be taken into account during the legal proceedings.

Age of Individual 

In Utah, if the individual who the sex crime was perpetrated against is particularly vulnerable due to their age, such as being under 14 years old, it is considered an aggravating factor. Crimes against minors often carry heightened penalties to ensure their protection and well-being.

Use of Force or Threats

Using force, coercion, or threats to commit a sexual offense is another aggravating factor. Sex crimes involving these elements demonstrate a greater willingness to harm or manipulate the individual, which consequently leads to more severe charges and potential penalties upon conviction.

Multiple Parties Involved

Cases where multiple targets were affected by the alleged sex crimes are often considered more serious offenses. When an individual targets and victimizes numerous people, it provides evidence of a pattern of behavior and an increased risk to society.

Serious Bodily Injury

If the sex crime results in serious bodily injury, it is considered an aggravating factor. The severity of the injury and its impact on the individual’s physical and emotional well-being will influence the charges and potential penalties.

Use of a Weapon

When a weapon is involved in the commission of a sex crime, it is seen as an aggravating factor due to the increased danger and potential for harm. The possession, display, or use of a weapon during the offense will almost certainly lead to more severe charges and penalties.

Prior Convictions 

Having prior convictions for sex crimes can significantly impact the sentencing for a subsequent offense. A previous record may result in enhanced penalties and reflect a behavior pattern that poses a greater risk to society.

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